Oscar Predictions (August 2014)

Best Actor

Best Actress

Best Supporting Actor

Best Supporting Actress

Best Director

Christian Bale


Amy Adams

(Big Eyes)

Mark Ruffalo


Patricia Arquette


Richard Linklater


Benedict Cumberbatch          

 (The Imitation Game)

Meryl Streep

(Into the Woods)

Ethan Hawke


Jessica Chastain


Benett Miller


Bradley Cooper

(American Sniper)

Marion Cotillard

(2 Days, 1 Night)



Kiera Knightly

(The Imitation Game)

Mike Leigh

(Mr Turner)

Timothy Spall

 (Mr. Turner)

Jessica Chastain

(Disappearance of El. Rigby)

Robert Duvall

(The Judge)

Naomi Watts

(St Vincent)

Christopher Nolan


Steve Carrell


Rosamund Pike

(Gone Girl)

Benicio Del Toro

(Inherent Vice)

Emily Blunt

(Into the Woods)

Ridley Scott


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