Me Answering Questions About Harry Potter (2)

Harry Potter motif

Hi Guys!

So, after yesterday’s successful blog post in which I answered the first ten questions which form the 30 day Harry Potter challenge; I have decided to continue the trend and answer the next ten.

  1. Most Beautiful Character? Now, is this a subjective or an objective question? Whichever distinction you opt for, this was pretty easy for me to answer. When I was a lot younger I had a crush on Hermione, so that simplifies matters.
  2. Most Missed Dead Character? Probably Lupin, but I still see why Jo decided to kill him off. Probably not best for my mental state to remain on this question for too long.
  3. Favourite Book Cover? If you are unfamiliar with the British book covers, then I suggest you look them up ASAP. Personally, I quite like the covers of Half-Blood Prince, Prisoner of Azkaban and Chamber of Secrets. I have also turned into a fan of the Jonny Duddle cover of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, which does seem to catch the awe and wonder of the original stories.
  4. Favourite Tri-Wizard Tournament Task? They’re all pretty good, and they all get a bit dull after a while. I like the way Jo builds tension throughout each of them, but I’ll probably go with the second task in the water.
  5. Rate the Houses from Favourite to Least Favourite? I am not a Slytherin hater, and I am not a Hufflepuff hater. This is just an opinion I’ve been forced to express by this question. Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, Slytherin, Hufflepuff.
  6. Favourite Animagus? I laughed at Aberforth’s. A stag is interesting, but I will probably go with the lynx that belongs to Kingsley Shacklebolt. I always feel his character never quite got enough to do in the books despite being a bit of a badass. *EDIT – I’ve just been informed by @Katiestrophic that I’ve listed patronuses instead of animagi. Therefore, my favourite animagi are probably Rita Skeeter (I love that sub-plot from Goblet of Fire), McGonagall and Sirius Black (obviously) *
  7. Favourite Unforgivable Curse? AVADA KEDAVRA! (Crucio is a bit loud)
  8. Favourite Horcrux? The eighth one. (what, hasn’t Jo told you about that one yet?)
  9. Favourite Deathly Hallow? The Invisibility cloak.
  10. Funniest Moment? Careers. Advice. With. Umbridge. (Mr Potter has been outstanding in every Defence against the Dark Arts course set by a competent teacher.)

I think that’s enough for you lot to be getting on with. Look on here same time tomorrow as I’ll be posting the third and final installment of my 30/3 challenge.


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