Me Answering Questions About Harry Potter (3)


So here we are; the final part of my three installments of Harry Potter questions. I have little else to say, so let’s go!

  1. Most Emotional Moment? Harry’s reaction to Sirius’  death has struck a deeper chord with me as I’ve gotten older.
  2. Aspired Quidditch Position? Commentator, I’m not very good with sheer drops and have a feeling that I would fall off my broom within seconds of taking off; plummeting to my death.
  3. Favourite Patronus? I think most of you may already know this one. From yesterday, “I laughed at Aberforth’s. A stag is interesting, but I will probably go with the lynx that belongs to Kingsley Shacklebolt. I always feel his character never quite got enough to do in the books despite being a bit of a badass.”
  4. What you think your Patronus would be? I’d want a wolf, and wouldn’t settle for less; but I have a feeling it would end up being a stick insect or a butterfly or something. Still think it would be awesome to have a patronus which is an actual dementor.
  5. Favourite Dursley? Vernon; I’d much rather read seven books about him than this stupid Potter kid.
  6. Favourite Wand? When I went to Orlando as part of LeakyCon back in 2011, I was one of the lucky few to be selected by Ollivander to do the wand swishing ceremony (or whatever it’s meant to be). I’ve now got two wands. One is Sirius’ own wand, and the other is my personal one:Wand
  7. Favourite Magical Ability? Okay, it would be pretty cool and interesting to be an animagus as it would really spice up my personal statement. Metamorphmagi would also be pretty useful as an actor (how dare you say I don’t look right for the part!) Most of all, I’m going to go for apparition/dis-apparition. Imagine how much time and money I’d save if I didn’t have to use transport to get somewhere. Life would be so much easier!
  8. Favourite Death Eater? Lucius is cool to begin with, then becomes a bit squirmy. Bellatrix is obviously pretty interesting as a character, but my loyalties lie in the direction of a certain Barty Crouch Jr. I love that scene in Goblet of Fire, and while the movie does simplify it a lot; he is played by David Tennant.
  9. Favourite Portrait? Fat Lady? Sir Cadogan? I’m going to go for the portraits of that guy who thinks Ron has some disease in St Mungos and the Hogwarts Headmaster with the ear trumpet. That is all.
  10. Favourite Spell? Has anyone ever said anything other than EXPELLIAMUS!

So that’s it, 30 questions answered in three days. Tomorrow marks a return to the norm on my blog, and I hope you’ll have a look at some of the other posts around here.


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