Guess who’s back

Hello Everyone, it’s been a while…

I must confess that I’ve been feeling pretty guilty over the past year about how I’ve allowed this blog to languish in a cobweb-ridden labyrinth of halfbaked ideas. To be honest I would’ve liked to have made more posts, giving my thoughts on a few of the dramatic things to have happened in my sphere since summer 2015. I’ve now left school, having completed my A levels, and am looking forward to enrolling at the University of East Anglia in September to read Literature and Drama. I have a whole summer ahead of me, one that others my age have labelled ‘the summer of your life’. I have a feeling that may be hyperbole. However, I do feel bound to redeem this blog by bringing it back to life with the same vitality as Leonardo DiCaprio in ‘The Revenant’. There are a few weeks before the official lease on my website with wordpress expires, and this could be considered a trial period. If I feel that there is an appetite for my writing, whether this be in the form of confessions, articles, reviews or even creative snippets from material I’m working on, then I will continue. If, come August, I feel bored, then I will stop.

I would write more, but I need to be getting to bed now (there’s probably a joke in there somewhere), as I’ll be in London in 12 hours time to see some people about a short film. Hopefully that goes well.


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