First Weekend at UEA


So, I’ve survived my first weekend as a uni student. I write this while eating shreddies and drinking tea on Monday morning, ahead of a day of administrative welcomes. The past few days have been a whirlwind of fast encounters and I haven’t touched a drop of alcohol (whether that’s an attempt to boast or a silent plea for help is down to you).

As part of the UEA Drama’s course, all 50 students across the three disciplines (Drama, Literature and Drama; and Screenwriting and Performance) are split into groups over the course of their opening weekend. We were given a challenge which I won’t spoil for those of you who might – you never know – end up going to UEA in the future, but I will say that it involved performing to our peers, the second years and third years and was a tremendous amount of fun. The atmosphere was jovial but in a mature kind of way, so that when a performance did go serious, the audience were willing to follow as well. This was fun to play against as I love trying to engage an audience – particularly when half of them have come straight from the Union Bar.

I think I’ve met most of my flatmates now, and I’m quietly quite pleased with the result. I have yet to meet someone I don’t like and that luckily includes the cleaner as well. My room, as you can see, is already feeling homely.


On the other side I’ve deployed a small library of books, plays and dvds that should keep me entertained during the occasional luls of the years. However, I am quite excited by the presence of the Theatre Royal Norwich just down the road, where they run a £15 student membership scheme that gives me half price tickets to most theatre productions.

Thus far I have to agree that Norwich is great.

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